Our company provides research and design activities in the sphere of oil, gas and condensate production based on sound principles and subsoil management system. Gas, gas-condensate and oil/gas/condensate fields "Development plan", "Updated development plan" and "Additional development plan" – this is a main process documentation for commercial development of the field. Our experts will help you in the following areas in the preparation of project documents.

Rationale for selection of production facilities that provide approved oil/gas recoverability factor or their excess.

Selecting of geological-technological field model using certified computer modeling programs.

Definition of oil and gas fields recovery drive. The rationale for field development system (production system, well spacing, layout of production/ injection wells pad distribution, their proportion at various stages of development).

Analysis of different well surveys the findings to determine the filtration-volume features of productive reservoirs, composition and physical and chemical properties of fluids and gases, which saturate them. Field surveys also allow us to determine the phase changes in gas-condensate mixtures in reservoirs and wells, initial and current reserves of gas, condensate and oil.

Gas-hydrodynamic and thermodynamic conditions of oil and gas wells performance. Determination of the maximum allowable flow rates for water- and hydrate-free production conditions of well, removal of liquids and solid rocks from the bottom of the wells to the surface.

Justification of the additives choice in the reservoir pressure maintenance system. Implementation of various EOR methods and comparison of proposed technological solutions to those that were taken with the approval of oil recovery factor.

Methodology, accuracy, correctness of oil, gas, condensate, fluid exploitation rate, additives injection and other indicators calculations. The validity of the field development rate, lift methods .

The comparability of the recommended option to the indicators adopted in the last project document .

Field development monitoring studies program and further appraisal of the fields program.

In the design phase, our experts will help you assess the effectiveness of implemented system of field development , determine how comprehensively the development status is analyzed, preceding the new project, and how particularly a comparison of projected and actual performance is conducted, as well as how objectively the causes of discrepancies between design and actual development indicators are assessed. Particular attention will be paid to the field modeling, how exhaustiveness it is, whether 3D filtration models are built or not, what the results of past development period main indicators adaptation are. Analysis depth will be confirmed by the completeness, representativeness and quality of graphics support, the presence of reserves recovery maps, current field development maps, graphs, charts, etc.

At the time of the technological development scheme creation a variety of options of development will be considered: different composition of beds in the allocation of objects, different grid density and pattern arrangement. These systems may differ both in the choice of agent (water, gas, gas + water, etc.) and in the principles of exposure (out-contour, marginal, contour waterflooding, mixed, etc.).

During the examination of process design documents for fields’ development our experts will analyze and clearly state informed opinions on all sections of the documents.

The results of the analysis, findings, conclusions, proposals, justifications contained in the reports will be evaluated critically. All the important issues of the project document will be clearly and reasonably will be highlighted.